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  • - initial salary is 1500 EUR;
  • - salary is credited to your account on DAILY basis;
  • - paidout frequency is decided by you.


  • - reverent attitude to the code and the ability to document it qualitatively;
  • - understanding of the need for automatic testing and experience in its implementing;
  • - ability to read and understand technical literature in English.

In addition:

  • - remote cooperation. Required to have good and stable Internet access alongside with installed Skype, which allows to keep qualitative video connection;
  • - the possibility of moving to one of the company's offices (abroad).


The company is currently developing a universal messenger. It`s important to understand the fact that the company works only on its own projects with the relevant requirements for the quality of the code.


  • - TypeScript + Vue
  • - Dart + Flutter
  • - Rust + CockroachDB
  • - GraphQL
  • - WebRTC